19 de enero de 2022
Cuba con importante yacimiento de oro

Cuba presents large gold deposit of about eight tons

Cuba has a gold deposit of about eight tons, of which 7.6 are ready to undergo a technical-economic feasibility study process, experts explained on Dec 7.

Located in Loma Jacinto, municipality of Guaimaro, in Camagüey province- it is the second largest gold concentration in the country, and it turns out to be of industrial importance, one of the results of an investigation by the Camagüey Geomining Company, explained the head of the project, Enrique Piñero.

According to Piñeiro, at the Jacinto vein system, 10 veins were identified, but three have more in-depth investigations, with explorations, geological, hydrogeological, engineering-geological and technological studies.
After the evaluations, the expert explained, it was concluded that a doré will be obtained – an impure and unrefined mixture of metallic gold – with few impurities, which means greater value to the product and better payments from buyers.

It is estimated, he continued, that in those bodies studied there are eight tons of gold that once exploited could represent about 200 million dollars – at a price of 1,500 an ounce – without adding the costs of feasibility and extraction.

Regarding the technology proposed for its exploitation, Piñero stressed that it is feasible and friendly to the environment, and in its dissolution there are practically no polluting and toxic elements.

The exploitation of this ore would not only have an economic impact for the country, but in the municipality it would serve as a source of employment, and could contribute to the development of roads, communications and other benefits.

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