25 de julio de 2021

Cuba improves policy over housing legal services and procedures

Cuba approved the policy of improving services and procedures of the housing system, published on Thursday 19, in the Official Gazette of the Republic number 81.
The package of legal norms includes a decree and six resolutions, modifies existing regulations and incorporates others to unify housing procedures and establish the line for the issuance of cadastral certificates in Cuba.

In general, the policy seeks to speed up legal procedures, with seriousness and respect, says the local newspaper Granma.

According to the head of the Independent Legal Department of the Institute of Physical Planning (IPF), Diana Rosa Suarez, the method facilitates the proceedings, by concentrating the efforts in the municipal Physical Planning directorates.

The new provisions include decree number 13 of 2020, in reference to the organization and operation of the national cadastre (real estate registry), and a joint resolution of the Ministry of Construction and the IPF, to repeal the previous provision on property titles updating process.

In addition, they contemplate five resolutions: 57, 58, 59, 60 and 151, related to the proceedings simplification  in the sector, the procedure for the issuance of cadastral certifications, and the elimination of the technical document prepared by the here called architect of the community.

The president of the IPF, Samuel Rodiles, told the press that the housing procedures prior to the current policy lacked a comprehensive work strategy for the citizen. People had to appear before different entities, which generates discomfort and dissatisfaction and has a negative impact on the quality of the service provided, he said.

The IPF is the national entity subordinate to the Council of Ministers in charge of land use planning, urban planning and the cadastre, and regulator of functions in this regard in Cuba.

(Edited from Prensa Latina)

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