2 de diciembre de 2021
Cuba expresa su solidaridad con México tras sismo e inundaciones

Cuba expresses condolences to Mexico for the earthquake and heavy rains 

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez expressed his sympathies to the people of Mexico for the damage inflicted by a 7.1 quake registered in several states and the heavy rains.

On his Twitter account, the Cuban government official expressed the solidarity of the people and government of Cuba in the face of the loss of human lives and damage by the tremor, so strong as the one reported in 2017 in that country.

The quake epicenter was reported at 14 kilometers from the city of Acapulco, Guerrero State. The event left over one million people without power. Meanwhile, heavy rains caused huge flooding last week in the country’s central states and claimed nearly twenty lives.

Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador described last Tuesday as a sad day marked by adverse natural events and he expressed his conviction that the country will get over it.

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