17 de enero de 2022
lucha contra el dengue

Cuba convenes a virtual event aimed to update world specialists on dengue and other arboviruses

Cuba convenes a virtual event starting this Monday 27, aimed to update Cuban  and foreign professionals on dengue and other arboviruses within the context of COVID-19.

Convened until October 1 by the Collaborating Center of the Pan American and World Health Organizations for the Study of Dengue and its Control of the Institute of Tropical Medicine ‘Pedro Kourí’ (IPK), the Cuban Society of Microbiology and Parasitology and the Public Health Ministry, the event will take place virtually.

It will include theoretical activities with lectures, panels and symposiums on topics such as: clinical-pathology, entomology-vector control, epidemiology, community participation, social determinants and virology/immunology.

Cuba participates and was coordinator from 2010 to 2018 of the Network of Arbovirus Diagnostic Laboratories of the Americas, which directs its efforts to strengthen laboratory diagnosis and surveillance of arboviruses in the Americas.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this disease among the 10 most important diseases at international level and international data show that more than a third of the world’s inhabitants are at risk of being infected.

On August 26, the world commemorated the International Dengue Day with a call to prevent the infection and control mosquito populations with measures such as the elimination of solid and liquid waste and possible breeding sites.

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