29 de noviembre de 2021
Presenta Oxfam informe sobre impacto del bloqueo en la sociedad cubana

Cuba considers offensive US sanctions policy

 Cuba considered on Oct 19, offensive to the international community a report by the United States government on the economic and financial sanctions it applies to third countries.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, subscribed on Twitter that it is ‘an offense to the international community and a mockery to the peoples’.

He considered this is even more offensive for peoples like Cuba, suffering from the abuse represented by the blockade accompanied by unilateral coercive measures.

The White House released a report on modifications, to make them more effective, to punishments against countries like Venezuela, Iran, China and Cuba, among others.

Authorities indicated that penalties will be more rigorous.

The key for us is to make sure we are in a place where sanctions can be as effective as possible, a senior Treasury official told reporters.

He stressed that sanctions will continue to be a crucial part of US foreign policy.

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