26 de octubre de 2021

Cuba condemns US-related and financed subversive activities

New evidence on Cuban counterrevolutionaries´ links with US-funded programs was condemned on Monday 3, by local television.
Cuban television news aired some documents linking Anamely Ramos, who goads civil disobedience in the nation, to the Cultura Democratica Organization, a subcontractor of the National Foundation for Democracy (NED).

In turn, these documents referred to some counterrevolutionary actions in which Luis Manuel Otero, another individual who receives money from US agencies to roll out subversive activities in Cuba and who recently starred in an alleged hunger strike, was also deeply involved.

The documents reflected how Ramos has been accountable for Cultura Democrática´s actions, an organization that has been financially supported by NED, receiving US$47,000 in 2019 and nearly US$50,000 in 2020. In addition, its coordinator, Argentine Micaela Hierro, was denounced as US intelligence agent due to her active involvement in organizing subversive events in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba.

Anamely Ramos, who has been living abroad since January 9 and linked to fake hunger strike held last November in San Isidro neighborhood, is currently keeping permanent instigation to mobilize against the Cuban government.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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