17 de enero de 2022

Cuba condemns attack on Natanz uranium enrichment complex in Iran

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Tuesday condemned the recent attack on the Natanz complex, in Iran, which that nation’s authorities are blaming on Israel.

  In a tweet, the Cuban foreign minister claimed that the attack was ‘perpetrated by those who oppose the lifting of US sanctions against the Iranian people.’

Natanz’s uranium enrichment complex, a plant of some 100,000 square meters in central Iran and built eight meters underground, was targeted by ‘nuclear terrorism’ on Sunday, according to official sources.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic, said on Monday that his country will ‘avenge’ this attack, which it blamed on Israel.

According to press reports, cutting-edge centrifuges had just been activated to enrich uranium.

‘The Zionists want to take revenge due to our progress in the way to lift sanctions,’ said the minister, who was quoted by state media.

For his part, Foreign Minister Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh claimed that the main damage is estimated to have been done to the technological infrastructure.

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