27 de enero de 2022

Creativity, innovation are challenges for livestock development in Cuba

Cuba´s livestock challenge lies in managers´ actions and in livestock farmers´ creative and innovative thinking, Jorge Luis Tapia, Cuban deputy prime minister, said.
‘Livestock lift-off will be reached as each of our state-run and non-state agricultural company workers swift their way of thinking and show results,’ said Tapia.

In Cienfuegos, the analysis on the consolidation of these new resolutions was chaired, this Thursday 20, by Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and deputy prime minister along with the main political and governmental leaders of the territory with the participation of producers and heads of business units.

In this regard, it was evident that there is a lack of knowledge about the essence of the measures to improve the state farms production, mainly because they should reduce the deaths of calves, the feeding – even if there is no imported feed – cannot be restricted in any of the cattle raising periods, nor the water supply and veterinary attention.

And when the conditions of each unit allow it, the commercialization of meat and milk, both to the industry and to other interested parts, will facilitate the acquisition of freely convertible currencies to purchase goods within the country.

Regarding the economic details, in this meeting it emerged that the salary of workers can exceed several figures according to the correct applications of the payment rates, only in this way can motivation and the sense of belonging increase among those who, for years, expected improvements in this type.

The month of June will be decisive to appreciate changes with the new marketing policies among those who feed bulls, raise cows, rams, goats, rabbits, pigs, said Tapia Fonseca because “there will be no intermediaries for the sale of these animals, less bureaucracy or state companies above the producers and less defaults because whoever buys without making the payment, can be replaced and will assume the legal consequences.

Everything is based on the idea of ​​strengthening and protecting the agricultural worker, the farmers, usufructuaries without intermediaries”, stressed the deputy prime minister.

Tapia insisted on the need to increase food production for the population and animals, given current economic situation worsened by the US blockade against Cuba and amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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