19 de enero de 2022

COVID-19: Cienfuegos reports 9 positive cases

The temporary working group for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, headed by the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel, announced the day before the change to Phase II of the recovery stage for the province of Cienfuegos.

The news is supported by the decrease in the incidence rate, which in the last 15 days is 23.1 per 100,000 inhabitants.

This Tuesday Cienfuegos reported 9 new positive cases for COVID-19, six are result of local transmittal and three imported ones, 7 from Cienfuegos municipality and Rodas (1), and Aguada (1).

60 outbreak controls of confirmed cases remain active: 46 from the municipality of Cienfuegos, five from Rodas, four from Aguada, two from Abreus, while Lajas, Cumanayagua and Palmira maintain one each.

On Tuesday, six patients were discharged, while 2,273 contacts remain at home.

There are 37 people admitted to hospital institutions, five of them of pediatric age.

There are 514 confirmed cases in the province, 127 imported from the United States (59), Mexico (12), Venezuela (15), Panama (8), Spain (5), Russia (5), Canada (5) , Colombia (3), Italy (3), Croatia, Bolivia, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Namibia and Ecuador with 1 case respectively and 387 of local transmittal.

Cumulative incidence rate of 126.0 × 100,000 inhabitants

Incidence rate in the last 15 days of 1 × 100,000 inhabitants.

Incidence of local transmittal cases accumulated by municipalities in the last 15 days: Cienfuegos (91), Abreus (3), Aguada (5), Rodas (7), Palmira (4), Lajas (3), Cumanayagua (2) and Cruces (1).

Centers for confirmed cases

  • They are admitted: 37 confirmed cases, 31 autochthonous and 6 imported.
  •   5 cases in pediatric age.
  •   1 serious case is reported in the CEA: 39-year-old female from the Cienfuegos municipality, area II.
  •   A case admitted to «La Granjita» in Villa Clara is reported

Centers for suspicious cases

  • Beds provided for suspected cases 630, occupied 117
  •   Laboratory surveillance: 38,169 cases studied with real-time PCR have been studied, of them negative 37,614 sent today 366. Pending more than 24 hours 198 from the Villa Clara Molecular Biology Laboratory.

International sanitary control. Traveler Surveillance

  •  6 thousand 670 travelers received after 10/15/2020.
  •     291 travelers under surveillance with 10 days in the country and 141 with less than 5 days.
  •    In rental houses 101 tourists, hotels 90.
  •    Temporary 12 and permanent residents 1.
  •    There are no travelers in the Marina.


  •   8 vessels in operation.
  •     143 crew members, asymptomatic (Foreigners 47 and Cubans 96).

SARSCoV-2 PCR Laboratory Surveillance:

  • 62 travelers pending the result of the 1st PCR.
  • 78 travelers pending the result of the 2nd PCR.

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