24 de octubre de 2021

Constructive works advance in the new Maternity Hospital of Cienfuegos

Exactly 20 years ago, in 2001, Cienfuegos gynecologists fulfilled the dream of inserting the former “Heroes de Playa Giron” Maternity Hospital (now Specialized Ambulatory Center)(CEA) into the “Gustavo Aldereguia Lima” Provincial Hospital (GAL).

Such an option is a guarantee of immediate specialized care for mothers and babies, and today the perspective is more extensive.

In buildings adjacent to Cienfuegos´ Provincial Hospital, there is being built the new Maternity Hospital.

“This is a large, comfortable hospital, with four levels and even a large basement that will be the theater”, explains Alberto Leyva Almaguer, head of the construction of the first floor, who adds:

“On this first floor there are more than a hundred apartments, in six areas; many operating rooms, consultation areas, the new Neonatology room, Physical Guard, Ambulance Corps, Curettage, Delivery. Intensive Care, Emergency and a large lobby, with a new vision, among others.

«Here on the ground floor the first two construction phases are carried out, consisting of wall assemblies».

From the outside we do not appreciate the progress of the work; Inside, painstaking work clears the way to completion.

A total of 30 men from the Base Business Unit (UEB) number 2, from the Engineering Works Construction Company number 6(ECOI-6), from Cienfuegos work there.

Reynaldo Galvan Modesto, project manager, states that the shortage of some materials delates the finishing of some areas which are almost completed:

“We ran out of cement for seven days, but the fundamental and recurring problems are the aluminum carpentry, false ceilings, plumbing installations and floors.

“On the upper levels we finished the tile veneers; with the missing materials we would give the final touch, meanwhile we are at 70 percent of execution”.

A walk through the future admission cubicles allows you to appreciate the comfort; with only two beds, so in each one, there will only be two pregnant women admitted.

Now they undertake the civil part, that is, the architectural structure; the work shows constructive advances in the third and fourth levels, already tiled and with mosaics, nearing civil completion.

The construction of the junction with the Gustavo Aldereguia Lima Hospital on the fourth level is also progressing, a bridge that will facilitate access to specialized services for the care of pregnant women, important availability for medical assistance to critically ill obstetrician patients.

At the same time, almost the entire fourth floor of the GAL, now dedicated to pregnant women, will be freed.

ECOI-6 is present in construction work, with an execution amount of about seven million pesos. Later, other entities will take over the assembly of the climate systems and the elevators.

The investment starts from projects of an old construction, for this reason the projects have been modified and expanded.

During four years the ECOI-6 has carried out this work; the enterprise is a leader in the construction of industrial works and also, its UEB number 2 promotes civil constructions. Its group holds certifications in Quality and Health and Safety systems at work.

The construction of the Maternal Hospital is the largest investment of the health sector in Cienfuegos.

(Translated from information of 5 de Septiembre newspaper)

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