23 de octubre de 2021

Cienfuegos will have a molecular biology laboratory

On a regular press conference of the Directorate of Health in Cienfuegos, we learned that work is already underway on the qualification here of a molecular biology laboratory, which will process PCR samples in the territory, without having to transfer them to another province, which guarantees promptness and security to the process.

There has been devoted an area within the Microbiology laboratory of the Pediatric Hospital and has been selected the qualified staff to that purpose.

Epidemiological control continues in the port area, which constitutes an important entrance to the territory; as well as the bordering control points located on the access roads to Cienfuegos.

We reiterate on behalf of the Government and Health authorities, continue to take extreme measures of protection, use of the mask, hand washing and disinfection of surfaces, footsteps at the entrance of hospitals and public facilities and social distancing whenever possible, not as a routine of life but like the life that depends on that routine.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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