17 de octubre de 2021

Cienfuegos inaugurates Molecular Biology Laboratory

Cienfuegos inaugurated on this Sunday 31, the Molecular Biology Lab, facility that will help to detect SARS-Cov-2 virus by PCR tests.

Starting this week, the group of 33 workers will receive the first PCR samples and will be accompanied in this start-up phase by experts from the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK), who will certify the results of the studies.

Dr. Yenisbel Valdivia Portales, a specialist in Microbiology, in charge of the laboratory, pointed out that the center has modern technology and will be able to examine between 400 and 500 samples daily.

The staff completed an intense training program at the IPK and at the Villa Clara Molecular Biology Laboratory.


The assembly of this building, the former clinical laboratory of the pediatric hospital of Cienfuegos, had an approximate cost of 700 thousand pesos and ECOI construction enterprise brigades number 6 and self-employed workers participated.

Dr. Salvador Tamayo Muñiz, provincial director of Health, explained that in the future, in addition to tests to determine the presence of COVID-19, they will carry out genetic studies on cancer and other non-communicable diseases.


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