26 de octubre de 2021

Ciego Montero Bottling plant in Cienfuegos among the most efficient in the American region

Ciego Montero Mineral Water Bottling Plant, located about 30 kilometers from the city of Cienfuegos, in the municipality of Palmira, was enrolled at the end of last year in the select group of the 20 most efficient plants of its kind in the American continent, with an indicator above 80 per percent, and with the challenge of reaching 81.3 percentage points in 2021.

In the opinion of the engineer Osmany Enriquez Quintana, director of the plant, achieving such an ambitious endeavor requires a great commitment from the working staff, to consolidate their technical and professional preparation.

According to the manager, Ciego Montero Mineral Water Bottling Plant is a prestigious facility with a competent and qualified staff in terms of innovation and technological creation; zealous workers to keep the equipment in optimal condition thanks to the inventiveness of technicians, mechanics and operators in general, always ready to make the adaptations of spare parts and other industrial devices that are necessary, Enriquez Quintana adds.

The epidemiological situation due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19 on a global scale, brought with it a substantial contraction in international tourism, the main client in Cuba, and with this, of course, the demand for the product decreased considerably.

Enriquez Quintana explained, inventories in warehouses are high and the production flow is subject to those conditions, with plans that respond to requests for orders depending on the limited sales in the commercial network, both in stores and in the hotel and non-hotel activity.

However, the director clarifies; these prolonged shutdowns have been very well used for the preventive maintenance of the plant, conditioned on the diagnosis of those machines and equipment prone to breakdowns, in order to avoid breakages during the operation of the plant.

“On the other hand, says Enriquez Quintana, we are obliged to use resources efficiently in order to reduce expenses. We have tried to identify in our budget all those actions that are services provided to us by third parties to try to assume them with our own means and staff, let’s say construction and maintenance of our facilities, as is the case of waste systems.

The Factory Board of Directors, together with the political and union organizations, have implemented a group of preventive measures against the threat of COVID-19 contagion, fundamentally those of a prophylactic nature among workers, as well as the use of protection means, disinfectant solutions and medical investigations, including taking the temperature of all those who access the center.

The Ciego Montero Mineral Water Bottling Company, belonging to Empresa Mixta Los Portales S.A., has an installed capacity of around 65 million bottles of the liquid per year, in 0.5, 1.5 and 5 liter formats. Furthermore, it exhibits results in efficiency, where the use of international standards in the safety of the final product stands out, as well as other awards associated with quality that distinguish it in the national market.

(Translated from ¨Embotelladora Ciego Montero de Cienfuegos entre las más eficientes de la región¨ published at 5 de Septiembre newspaper)

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