2 de diciembre de 2021

 Children daycare centers in Cuba celebrate their 60th anniversary

For six decades, nursery schools in Cuba have favored the full integration of women into society and played an important role in the training of children from the earliest ages.

On April 10, 1961, the first three nursery schools were officially opened in Cuba. Vilma Espin, heroine of the Sierra Maestra and founder of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC) of which she was president until her death on June 18, 2007, encouraged this initiative.

The Camilo Cienfuegos, the Ciro Frias and the Fulgencio Oroz were the first three centers of this type inaugurated in Havana near poor and unhealthy neighborhoods, just a week before U.S invasion in Playa Giron.

The nursery schools began with a staff made up mainly of maids, housewives, and peasant girls who came to study in Havana. In all of them the love for children prevailed.

At first they only cared for them, but the goal was more ambitious: educate them.Until the early 1980s, these facilities were managed by the Children’s Institute and later assumed by the Ministry of Education, for which the pre-school education subsystem was created, which included the education of these children.

From that stage on, efforts in education were aimed at strengthening care, the Educate Your Child Program and development for minors, along with improving the training of highly qualified personnel.

Another task carried out by the Ministry of Education is the incorporation of Vias No Formales (program intended for children who don´t attend nursery schools, so they receive preschool education, through the Educate Your Child program.

In Cuba today there are 1,130 nursery schools attended by more than 9,000 educators and, although they do not meet the demand, they satisfy the needs of more than 154,000 children. 70 percent of the preschool child population participates in the Educa a tu Hijo program.

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