19 de enero de 2022

Canadian activists donate over one million syringes to Cuba

The Canadian Network in solidarity with Cuba donated over one million syringes to the island in an effort to help the fight against COVID-19.

At the reception ceremony in Havana on Wednesday 18, first vice-president of the Cuban Friendship Institute Noemi Rabaza expressed the Cuban people gratefulness for the donation.
The official stressed the gesture of Canada-based organizations, unions and Cuban residing in that nation who collected over 130 thousand dollars to purchase the syringes.A friend who is hospitalized and suffering from and advanced disease extended a 10-thousand-dollar check to help Cuba and as a gesture linked to his many visits to the island, the official noted.Rabaza also thanked all friends of Cuba around the world who have collected funds in nations like Germany, the USA, Italy, Mexico, Panama and other nations to purchase syringes.

The Canadian donation joins over 500 shipments of medical items and equipments received by Cuba to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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