4 de diciembre de 2021

Artists prepare virtual performances devoted to Cienfuegos´s foundation

Scenic Arts Provincial Council of Cienfuegos has prepared a variety of plays and performances to be presented online from 21 to 24 April, commemorating the 202 founding anniversary of the former Fernandina de Jagua colony, today Cienfuegos city, as said by Rene Gomez Torres, Culture Communication Specialist from the Scenic Arts Provincial Council.

Since Wednesday, April 21, they have announced the promotion of theater capsules (short theater plays monologues) «Bufo al Minuto» to be presented on digital social media of the Dramatic Center of Cienfuegos and the Provincial Council of Performing Arts; a day where they will also publish references to the anniversaries of artists, institutions, theater groups, outstanding workers from the local scene and commemorative cultural dates.

As part of the virtual initiative, they anticipate that on Thursday, April 22, actors from Cienfuegos Dramatic Center will evoke the traditional foundation of the former Fernandina de Jagua colony, online on social media from Tomas Terry Theater.

According to Gomez Torres, Cienfuegos Puppet Theater Hall will present in virtual platforms on April 22nd, the Caña Brava Puppet Theater Group, where the local singer-songwriter Marcos Sánchez will perform compositions from the play «Pájaro, Murciélago y Ratón», accompanied by the cast involved in the staging.

As part of Cienfuegos city foundation date greeting on April 22, 1819, Cienfuegos Performing Arts will also transmit in its institutional accounts a lecture on folklore given by members of Cienfuegos´ Folkloric Group, while they provide for the Saturday 24, at 4:00 in the afternoon, in the Aida Conde Room, the online transmission of the Sombrero Azul Culture Project.

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