20 de septiembre de 2021

April was the worst month of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba

With 31,346 people diagnosed with COVID-19 in Cuba, April has been confirmed as the month with the highest number of positive cases of the disease since the epidemic began in the country in March 2020.

 Just in five provinces -Havana, Matanzas, Santiago de Cuba, Granma and Sancti Spiritus-, 26,063 patients were diagnosed, 83.2% of the total cases reported in the month, confirming the highest levels of transmittal in that period.

These numbers were reported by the Minister of Public Health, José Angel Portal Miranda, during Monday’s meeting of the temporary working group for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, headed by the First Secretary of the Party’s Central Committee and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, and the member of the Political Bureau and Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz.

Such reality continues to ratify the epidemiological complexity that the country presents associated with the disease which, although it showed a slight decrease in the number of new patients in the last week (802 less than in the previous week), continues to be a danger to the nation, especially due to the high lethality that is evident in the strains of the virus circulating in the largest of the Antilles.

In April alone, with a lethality rate of 0.73%, there were 229 deaths in all the provinces of the country. In the last week, said Portal Miranda, the territories with the highest number of deaths were Havana and Matanzas, with 52 and six, respectively, in both cases related to the high incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants; as well as Camagüey, where nine people lost their lives as a result of the disease.

It was precisely in these three provinces where 11 people died, as reported on Monday, a day in which 5,638 COVID-19 positive patients remained hospitalized, 5.1% of the total number of cases diagnosed in Cuba.

In view of this epidemiological scenario, the Ministry of Public Health has begun to carry out a group of inspections, from which, said the head of the sector, it has been possible to identify a set of problems that are present in different institutions and provinces, which affects the control of the disease in those places. He emphasized that compliance with the established protocols and measures is vital for the successful control of the disease.

Referring to these actions, the member of the Political Bureau and Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, called attention to common facts such as the low perception of risk by the population, the failure to identify all contacts of confirmed cases, the ineffectiveness of the active search for symptomatic cases and other issues that lead to indiscipline and violations of what has been established.

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