20 de septiembre de 2021

Acosta Danza wins UK´s National Dance Awards for Best Independent Company

Acosta Danza, under the direction of Cuban first dancer Carlos Acosta, has just been recognized by the Dance Section of the Critics Circle of the United Kingdom Acosta Danza wins UK´s National Dance Awards for Best Independent Company, at the 21st edition of the National Dance Awards of that country.

This was announced by the acclaimed group in their social networks, where they shared that this category analyzes the companies that maintain a stable and permanent work on the stages of that European nation, which do not belong to the circle of companies subsidized by the state, the government or any British government institution.

 Hours before the announcement, the renowned dancer and choreographer Carlos Acosta invited his followers, via Facebook, to his return to the British stage with what he has described as his most personal work, the work ¨On before¨.

Join me as I take to the stage from Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 August with this fusion of dance exploring life, relationships and loss, set to a diverse musical repertoire ranging from Handel to contemporary Cuban composer Omar Puente and showcasing the very best. Incredible choreography, published the creator.

According to the official website of the Mayflower Theatre, the institution that will host the presentation in the center of the city of Southampton, England, with 2,300 seats, Carlos Acosta «is the world’s favorite dancer and On Before, which sees him dance a full-length show again, is a tribute to his late mother and the most personal work he has ever created».

The piece embodies, according to the article, Carlos’ astonishing vision of dance and features collaborations with leading international creators such as Russell Maliphant, Kim Brandstrup, Will Tuckett, Raul Reinoso, Yury Yanowsky, Miguel Altunaga, as well as his own choreography.
The work tells the story of a doomed relationship between a man and a woman that, the publication notes, culminates in a moving finale with a chorus performing Morten Lauridsen’s O Magnum Mysterium.

On before, originally conceived in 2010, is revisited by the artist who returns to dance it on a brief regional tour as theaters across the European country reopen their doors again.

According to Mayflower information, in this 2021 installment Carlos Acosta will dance alongside Laura Rodriguez, an original member of his own company, Acosta Danza, founded in Cuba in 2015.

After his training under the precepts of the prestigious Cuban School of Ballet Carlos Acosta toured the world as part of acclaimed international companies and has earned countless awards and recognitions for his outstanding

Acosta, 48, has been distinguished with the National Dance Award (2011), the title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire, the Benois de la Danse Award (2011), the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Award in 2018 from the United Kingdom and most recently with the Dance Magazine 2020 Award.

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