18 de enero de 2021

Vidatox 30 CH: exportable Cuban homeopathic drug which has proven its worth 

Vidatox 30 CH, developed by the Labiofam Business Group of Cienfuegos, constitutes one of the six exportable consolidated lines of the agriculture sector in the province.

According to Agencia Cubana de Noticias, MSc Fabio Jesus Linares Pasos, so far this year Labiofam has exported 4,868 bottles of Vidatox 30 CH.

He said that since 2014 they have manufactured the medicine in the Homeopathy Laboratory of Cienfuegos University of Medical Sciences and already in 2016 they were authorized to produce for export to different continents.

Registered in 17 nations, Vidatox is in high demand in Vietnam and countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia area.

Linares Pasos added that in 2016 they renewed the registration of this drug and managed to certify the production plant with a sanitary license for pharmaceutical operations and with good practices.

Vidatox 30 CH, previously named TRJC 30, was the first Labiofam drug intended for human use registered with the Center for State Control of Drugs, Medical Equipment and Devices.

These homeopathic drops, whose active ingredient is the venom of the scorpion Rhopalurus junceus, contribute to improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

In addition to Vidatox, other consolidated exportable agricultural items from Cienfuegos, with a good production chain and a secure market, are tobacco, honey, coffee, charcoal and Biorat, the latter to control rodent pests.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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