Ship industry owners ask 12 million dollars to transport Venezuelan oil

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US government sanctions affect nowadays Venezuelan oil industry, as refered by journalist Werther Sandoval.

According to official sources, the shipping companies that own tanker ships demand up to 12 million dollars for the transfer of Venezuelan oil to other countries, a figure that represents tree times what Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) paid before the U.S blockade tightening.

Only Chinese and Russian ship owners respond to the commitments established with the Bolivarian Government, the others take advantage of the situation to demand higher prices for the transfer of the hydrocarbon, said Sandoval in an article published by the Venezuelan News Agency (AVN).

Some, according to an AVN report, expect PDVSA to have their deposits full to propose buying oil at very low prices, way below the world market.

Similarly, the executive order signed by the US president, Donald Trump, which prevents foreign people and companies from making financial transactions with Venezuela, prevents any such operation from being paid, charged or executed.

Another of the effects of the punitive sanctions of the White House against Venezuela is linked to the acquisition of new equipment for the industry, which, being cutting-edge technology is in the hands of the large transnational enterprises, which prefer to protect themselves and avoid trading with Venezuela.

Venezuelan industry minister, Manuel Quevedo, stressed Monday that “the sovereign and independent position of Venezuela to reject unilateral sanctions against that industry, which have sought to damage the national economy.”

Official statistics report that the US blockade since 2015 generates losses to Venezuela for more than 200 billion dollars. In addition, five thousand 470 million dollars are blocked in international banks and only seven of them have more than 1,946 million retained.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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