25 de enero de 2021
Alta cobertura de surtidos en hoteles de Cienfuegos mediante encadenamiento productivo

Productive linking of local-small industries with hotels in Cienfuegos shows positive results

The productive linkage between the agricultural, sugar and tourism economy sectors allows covering 90 % of the resources for the proper functioning of the Rancho Luna-Faro de Luna hotel complex, in Cienfuegos, belonging to the Gran Caribe Hotel Group.

Oscar Morales Ojeda, general director of that consortium, declared to the Cuban News Agency that the demand for food, fruits, vegetables, liqueurs, charcoal and flower arrangements is satisfied through taxation from various forms of production, state or not, with which they have signed purchase and sale contracts.

We have links with all the credit and service cooperatives and agricultural production in the territory of Cienfuegos, and thanks to these contracts we have substituted the importation of fruits, pickles, vegetables and others, with consequent financial saving, he said.

According to Morales Ojeda, there are companies in Cienfuegos that have expanded their corporate purpose, such as the El Tablon livestock Enterprise, which sells them very fresh, high-quality beef at a rate of one ton weekly.

Meat processing plant of El Tablon livestock Enterprise
Meat processing plant of El Tablon livestock Enterprise


Regarding this type of chain, Gustavo Perez Vega, head of the brigade of the meat processing plant of El Tablon, confirmed the benefit of having in the province a unit in charge of the slaughter of animals and the meat process, with which it is established a cycle from the birth, breeding, development and marketing of that herd.

He explained that this mini-industry was created in July 2019 to process meat for sale in foreign currency to Varadero hotel chain, the Mariel Special Development Zone and hotels in the center of the country, including Rancho Luna.

This hotel facility has 222 rooms, and is the only one of its kind that has the all-inclusive service modality in the Cienfuegos territory, which is why it enjoys the preference of national and foreign visitors, especially tourism from Canada.

Flower arrangements at Rancho Luna-Faro de Luna hotel complex

According to Mireli Aguila Machado, commercial deputy director of the hotel complex, there the repetition rate is 50 percent of foreign customers, and the proof of this is the tradition among visitors to plant trees and leave their names engraved on stones, and then on his return to the hotel to be able to admire his work.

With attractions such as having at your disposal the 30 diving spots on the marine platform, the El Nicho waterfalls in the mountains of Cumanayagua or the beauties of a city whose center is a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Rancho Luna opens up to the world amidst this phase of new normality that Cienfuegos is going through, always complying with hygienic and sanitary measures to protect workers and guests from the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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