Las Tunas is the new champion of Cuban baseball

Las Tunas is the new champion of Cuban baseball
Las Tunas is the new champion of Cuban baseball

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There were no surprises, the best team in the series lifted the championship trophy. All the firewood cut in the course of these months was used today to make the fire of victory.

Pablo Civil’s troop has engraved with golden letters the name of Las Tunas in the history book of Cuban baseball.




For the first time since its birth a little more than 40 years ago, a squad from that province climbs to the top of the podium. It could not be otherwise, “The Oriental crusher” remained active destroying rivals from the very beginning of the championship, and as always happens in fairy tales where the woodcutter appears out of nowhere, neutralizes the villain, and saves the heroine, in this free version saves our national sport and resurges as the Phoenix bird in every corner of our geography.

Jorge Johnson’s three-run home run in the ninth inning was the final axe that knocked down the tree of the impossible and materialized the dreams of many provincial idols who throughout these years could never sit on the privileged throne of glory and decorum. Men like Ermidelio, Osmany, Núñez, José Miguel Báez, or Joan Carlos Pedroso, were honored this Thursday night in the grass of Augusto César Sandino.

Justice was done, nothing could be done by the sugarcane workers of Villa Clara before some woodcutters “doped” by the thrust of a hobby that supported them unconditionally and now awaits them in their land under fireworks to give them the welcome they deserve.

Let the protagonists speak and let the party begin on the balcony of eastern Cuba.

Yosvany Alarcón: “I am living the best moment of my life and my sports career. It’s something very big. Thank God for giving us this second chance to win the title. I’m very happy, I can’t explain how I feel right now”.

“This is something big, in every shift at bat, in every cast, I was thinking about that town that was waiting for this second chance that gave us life. Fortunately we achieved the objective and now we are going to enjoy with them and live this great dream that we have all had”.

Yoanni Yera: “I always went out to give everything in the ball field, these are the best moments of my life. I want to thank my family who are seeing me right now. I’m a national champion.

Dariel Góngora: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the first time I’m champion in national series and I’m too happy”.

Yoalkis Cruz: “First of all I want to thank God. We are very happy because we came looking for this from the beginning, from the training. Thanks to God we were able to make a family and victory came. I prepared for this function, I am in the best conditions. The Tunas champion”

Yasiel Santoya: “I am very happy, every athlete dreams of this moment. It is very nice that the work of a lifetime materializes in a few minutes. Since I entered the national series I have been in post-seasons, first with Sancti Spíritus and then with Matanzas and now it’s my turn”.

Jorge E. Alomá: “Very proud to have contributed a lot to this championship, I feel like a tuner too. The people expected it, the team played well, we knew how to do things against a difficult opponent who didn’t give up until the last moment and the title came out”.

“This shows that sacrifice, surrender, and dedication are worth a lot. When you put effort and discipline into it, things have to come out someday. Pablo Civil had tremendous confidence in me by having to cover three great batters in the country and I think I knew how to do well.

Jorge Johnson: “I am very happy, this is the greatest thing that has happened to me in my sporting career, to contribute to Las Tunas winning today and taking the title, there are no words to describe what it feels like at the moment. Now I think to enjoy, learn, and follow, this is the greatest thing. I dedicate this triumph to my family, to my children, to my wife, to my mother, to all those who have contributed so that I can move forward and continue fighting”.

Danel Castro: This is wonderful, what I expected a long time ago. A great generation passed through here, but this was the one that fulfilled it, and I am proud of it. We are a big family, Pablo knew how to move the pieces well, we searched for him since last year and it was given this year, thank God it was given to us and I am very happy. For the people of Las Tunas, they are already champions of the national series, and for my father that I don’t have it in life I say: thank you father”.

Pablo Civil: “After my family this has been the most important achievement I have ever had in my life. This triumph has been well fought, well studied, and well designed and for me it is something very important. Many people had to do with this, the coaches and the management team did their job, the athletes who have given their all, and that tuner public that supported us all the time”.

“This is a great achievement from a sporting point of view for Las Tunas, the people will be waiting for us. Very happy with this show that took place. This team wherever it went filled the stadiums and in the end won baseball which is the most important thing in all this.

“The Las Tunas team has become a family, a serious family. Some people thought that this team would not achieve this goal after a second place last year, but the baseball players from the mental point of view, which was the most important thing, believed in victory from the beginning. We have worked very hard, without rest. Since last year I can not sleep more than four hours and this I think has helped me to study much to the opponents and know my team as such to achieve this goal. To the tuner people who are waiting for us, mission accomplished”.

Augusto César Sandino
LTU Las Tunas 8 12 1
VCL Villa Clara 4 10 1
G: Yadián Martínez (7-2)
P: Yosvany Torres (0-2)
Js: Yoalkis Cruz (4)
Jrs: Jorge Jhonson

(Taken from Radio Guama)

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