Journalism Awards in Cienfuegos

 RCM Radio program director Fabio Bosh Jr

RCM Radio program director Fabio Bosh Jr

(RCM Redaction/By Ramón Lobaina Consuegra)

The provincial jury from the Unión de Periodistas de Cuba (Cuban Journalists Association) (UPEC by its Spanish acronym) conferred in Cienfuegos the ¨Antonio Hurtado del Valle¨ award to a life´s work, and the Juan David prize to the work of a year in radio, television, digital press, graphic and written press.

Fabio Bosh Hernández, retired radio director from Radio Ciudad del Mar, was selected for the Antonio Hurtado del Valle Award, which along with the others will be handed out during the provincial ceremony for the Cuban Press Day, on March 14, on the 126th anniversary of Patria newspaper foundation by José Martí.

Among other merits Fabio Bosh Jr, was awarded the maximum award of the UPEC in Cienfuegos, for his outstanding career in the radio, as program director, directing several news programs with great social impact, such as the Informative Magazine ¨A esta Hora¨, the opinion program ¨Con Palabra Propia¨ and the ¨Triangulo de la Confianza¨, with broad popular participation, in addition to significant contributions to the digital platform of Radio Ciudad del Mar.

Fabio Bosh Jr has won numerous awards at provincial and national radio festivals. In 2009 he received the “Felix Elmuza” award from the UPEC. Bosh was selected in 2010 Artista de Merito de la Radio Cubana (Artist of Merit of Cuban Radio) and he collaborated with the National Radio of Equatorial Guinea.

In 2016 Fabio Bosh Jr was distinguished as Hijo Ilustre de Cienfuegos (Illustrious Son of Cienfuegos) and he won the 2017 National Radio Award.

The jury also decided to make a Special Recognition to Jesús Rodríguez Díaz, who directed the Provincial Radio Station in Cienfuegos for a decade and he was in charge of the foundation of the municipal radio stations Radio Cumanayagua, Radio Cruces and Aguada Radio.

Rodríguez Díaz headed the provincial Delegation of the UPEC during 12 years, a period in which the organization reached the first places nationwide in several consecutive years.His work contributed to the development of the Cienfuegos´ press with the organization of events that survive until our days, such as the Encuentro Nacional de la Crónica Miguel Angel de la Torre. (National Encounter of the Chronicle Miguel Angel de la Torre.)

Gretta Espinosa was selected for the Juan David Award on Radio because of the results of the work carried out during the year 2017.On television the award was conferred to Omar George Carpi.Roberto Alfonso Lara was awarded in the written press category; the designer Manuel Villafaña Sacerio was prized in graphic press and Jorge Domínguez Morado in digital journalism.

As part of the Cuban Press Day there will take place professional training, sports events, book sales and meetings with institutions, said Sabdiel Batista Díaz, president of the Provincial Delegation of the UPEC in Cienfuegos.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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