Garbage: Social indiscipline out of home

Garbage: Social indiscipline out of home
Garbage: Social indiscipline out of home


(RCM Redaction/ By Gretta Espinosa Clemente)

Almost always as observers and also questioners of what happens in the perimeter of society, journalists try to disentangle complicated issues related to who is responsible for this? Who should do that? Who is the manager of this service which did not fructify?

Thus, journalists get evolved in an endless list of research adventures, and social indiscipline comes to be a main character.

The subject dealt in this report goes way beyond laws, normative, and any other institutional regulation established to do things right.

The problem relays on the subjective area of conscience, or it could be better to say unconsciousness of either female or male citizens.

I strongly criticize those who contribute the proliferation of garbage disposals in our city, or should I say cities because this problem has become national.

It is truth that in order to gain journalistic objectivity, I should not ignore the fact that the Empresa de Servicios Comunales (Community Services Enterprise) is still far from satisfying the garbage collection and cleaning in our city. But it is also truth, the high numbers of Cienfuegos citizens who drop the garbage bag out of the garbage containers.

In the best case it is the garbage bag; in the worst is any waste or rubbish thrown on the streets without packing.

This misconduct causes the formation of garbage disposals out of the containers devoted for this purpose, causing the spread of rodents, insects and other highly disease-transmitter species.

During almost 8 years as a journalist, I have received the suggestion  do something about this garbage disposal, please criticize this water leak; and I have done the work with pleasure.

On the other hand, I have witnessed today as a citizen the cleaning of a garbage disposal where, the constructive waste is predominant, tomorrow there will be again cans, eggshells, brick pieces, and even the waste bag of the neighbor who decided not to descend the stairs, and he instead threw the bag to the street.


(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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