18 de enero de 2021

Day of Cuban Culture to recognize the very essence of Cuban roots

The Day of Cuban Culture was established to commemorate one of the most important facts in the history of our homeland, the singing of the Cuban National Anthem, La Bayamesa, named that way by the Cuban people after Carlos Manuel de Cespedes released the city of Bayamo on October 20.

The history of the Cuban National Anthem dates back to August 13, 1867 when, there was proposed to Cuban lawyer Pedro Figueredo, called Perucho, to compose «our Marseillaise»,what would later become the National Anthem of Cuba.

On May 8, 1868, Figueredo asked the musician Manuel Muñoz Cedeño to orchestrate the march; a month later it is played in the Iglesia Mayor de Bayamo, but it was not until fourteen months after, that the lyrics were written.

As of that October 20, 1868, the fervent notes of the Bayamo Hymn presided over all the acts of the Cuban independence movement, and over time, it has transcended to the present day as a symbol of the Homeland and a concrete expression of the patriotic character of the Cuban people.

That is why considering October 20 as the Day of Cuban Culture is to recognize, first of all, the essence of Cuban roots.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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