Cuban people endurance is an example for Latin America, declares Minrex

Cuban people endurance is an example for Latin America, declares Minrex

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Cuba affirmed that its only responsibility in the popular mobilizations in Latin America is that which comes today from the example of its people in the defense of their sovereignty and their resistance to U.S hostility.

In a statement, released on December 2nd, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cuba rejected Washington’s accusation of alleged responsibility in demonstrations on the continent, which he considered an incredible excuse to justify and tighten the blockade and hostility against the Cuban people.

He pointed out that U.S slander ’is useless to hide the failure of the capitalist system, protect wobbly and repressive governments, hide parliamentary, judicial, police blows, and shake the ghost of socialism to intimidate the people.

In the text, entitled Our America before the onslaught of imperialism and the oligarchy, Cuba said that what is intended is also to justify the repression and criminalization of social protest.

He recalled that the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, menacingly accused last Monday, Cuba and Venezuela of taking advantage and helping to increase the turmoil in the countries of the region.

The Cuban government indicated in this regard that the US official misrepresents and manipulates the reality, and hides as a central element of regional instability, the permanent intervention of the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean.

He added that the legitimate protests and massive popular mobilizations in the continent, particularly in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil, are generated by poverty, the growing inequality in the distribution of wealth and the certainty that neoliberal formulas aggravate the exclusive and unsustainable situation of social vulnerability.

Among other causes, the island mentioned the absence or precariousness of basic services; unemployment and labor rights restriction; the privatization, cost and cancellation of public services, and the increase in citizen insecurity.

‘They reveal the crisis of political systems, the lack of true democracy, the discrediting of traditional conservative parties, the protest against the historical corruption typical of military dictatorships and right-wing governments, poor popular support for official authorities, mistrust in institutions and in the justice system ‘, the text points out.

Cuba pointed out that those countries are also protesting against brutal police repression, the exemption of criminal responsibility from repressors, against the use of weapons of war and riot control causing deaths and serious injuries and the murder of social leaders, demobilized guerrillas and journalists.

Cuba also reaffirmed its commitment to the principles of sovereignty, non-intervention in the internal affairs of other States and the right of each people to freely choose and build their political system, in an environment of peace, stability and justice; without threats, aggressions or unilateral coercive measures.

And summoned, in that sense, to fulfill the postulates of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace.

The Cuban government ratified that it will continue working on the path of the integration of Our America, which includes the realization of all efforts so that the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), soon chaired by Mexico, continues to promote the common interests of our nations by strengthening unity within diversity.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corna)

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