17 de enero de 2021
Transformación profunda y entrega al trabajo: La estrategia de Cuba para impulsar la economía en la nueva normalidad

Cuban Minister of Economy highlights measures for development

Cuba’s deputy prime minister and minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil, expressed optimism on Monday about the development of socialism, and mentioned the strategies to achieve that goal.

Speaking at the Mesa Redonda  television program, as part of a series of talks about economic alternatives in Cuba, Gil pointed out that when the strategy was designed, it was divided into two stages: the first one aimed at public health (with three phases since March) and the second one to boost the economy, based on the implementation of a group of measures.

The deputy prime minister referred to elements approved in the Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC). We are working on all areas at the same time, based on the implementation of the strategy for this development during the so-called new normality. Thirteen of Cuba’s fifteen provinces are open to economic activities, including Havana, with some particularities.

Gil noted that there has been no rest to achieve the development of the country’s economy.

He insisted on the need to speed up those conditions for the economy. That scenario is important, he added.

The biggest progress is taking place in transportation, tourism and telecommunications, said the minister, adding that the strategy is not a list of tasks, but a group of deep transformations in the economy.

Gil mentioned five key elements: food production and commercialization, incentives to exports, transformations in the entrepreneurial system, improvement of self-employment and the country’s monetary ordering.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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