Cuba sent first shipment humanitarian aid to Bahamas

Cuba sent first shipment humanitarian aid to Bahamas
Cuba sent first shipment humanitarian aid to Bahamas

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The first shipment of humanitarian aid sent by Cuba to the Bahamas, an archipelago severely damaged by category 5 Hurricane Dorian last week, was received by Captain Stephen Russell, director of the National Emergency Management Agency of that nation.

Eugenio Martínez Enriquez, director general for Latin America and the Caribbean of Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, posted on Twitter that “the first part of #Cuba’s humanitarian aid arrived in Bahamas. It was received by Captain Stephen Russell, @nemabahamas Government of #Bahamas thanks the Government and people of #Cuba.

On the Cuban side the shipment was delivered by Raciel Proenza, deputy director general of Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Trade (MINCEX) and Ambassador of Cuba Ismara Vargas.

Proenza told Prensa Latina news agency that in the next few days another Cuban vessel with new supplies will arrive in the Bahamas. Likewise, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in its Twitter profile that “after the passage of #HuracanDorian, permanent communication has been maintained between the authorities of #Cuba and #Bahamas, to coordinate the aid offered by #Cuba.

Our collaborators have joined the recovery efforts in the brotherly Caribbean country. More than 60 of these aid workers are in the Bahamas, most of them in the educational sector, and according to press reports all of them are in good health and in full dedication to the tasks of repairing the damages and recovering as much as possible in that archipelago, where Dorian hit last September 1 as a category 5 hurricane, leaving at least 50 dead, more than 2,500 missing and billions of dollars in damages.

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