Cienfuegos will host the National Technology Fair  

Cienfuegos will host the National Technology Fair
Cienfuegos will host the National Technology Fair

(RCM Redaction/ By Onelia Chaveco/ACN)

The National Technological Fair of computer, communications, and electronics disciplines in Cuba will take place in the province of Cienfuegos on August 30, as an end-of-summer option for children, youth and adults.

Jaensy Vazquez Acea, institutional communicator from Direccion Provincial de los Joven Club de Computacion y Electronica (Young Computer and Electronics Club (JCCE) Provincial Headquarters) in the territory of Cienfuegos, told to Agencia Cubana de Noticias that more than 40 companies closely linked to the development of the projects will participate in the new technologies meeting.

Among these entities, he mentioned the Software Development Company, Copextel, several universities, especially that of Informatics, Etecsa (Cuban Telecommunications Enterprise), and the Cuban banking system.

He indicated that  JCCE´s from all along Cuba will assist with initiatives already rooted in the population, such as the Mochila (entertainment content intended to be supplied on a USB flash disk),ECURED programs, the Reflejo platform for blog hosting, in addition to the promotion of the Tino magazine, and the Segurmatic antivirus, among others.

Vazquez Acea confirmed there will take place a videogame tournament with DOTA 2 , where lovers of these games can participate as a proposal for all ages. The fair will be placed at Cienfuegos´ Boulevard, Santa Isabel St corridor and in the Jose Marti Park of this city.

Cienfuegos has 27 JCCE facilities in its provincial territory, which includes the one located in El Sopapo, within the mountains of the municipality of Cumanayagua, and Ciber 3 of the Amusement Park Amanecer Feliz.

For its part, Cuba has an infrastructure of more than 640 computer rooms, since the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz created on September 8, 1987 the first JCCE in the country, with the aim of bringing the family closer and easier Cuban knowledge in these specialties.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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