26 de noviembre de 2020

Cienfuegos tightens measures to avoid COVID-19 re-outbreak

Given the risk of Cienfuegos territory due to the proximity to several provinces that in recent days present positive cases to COVID-19, the Municipal Defense Council (CDM) announced on Wednesday afternoon several measures aimed at preserving the health of the population.

Although the territory is going through the third post-pandemic recovery phase, Maride Fernandez Lopez, president of the aforementioned body, specified decisions that are strictly enforced. Among them, the mandatory use of the mask stands out, regardless of the space in which the people are.

In that sense, Daimarelys Gonzalez Moreno, Chief Prosecutor of the municipality, insisted that those who do not wear the mask may incur the crime of spreading epidemics and receive the corresponding sanction for this.

The Municipal Defense Council also established the limitation of some of the services in recreational facilities. «We have agreed that from today all night activities in the recreational centers of Cienfuegos will be suspended,» added Fernandez Lopez. The leader said that the bars, most of them in the non-state sector, will only open until ten at night and will function as a cafeteria.

Likewise, the activities dedicated to young people at the Los Pinitos Recreational Center are postponed, as well as the Telmary concert, agreed for this weekend at the Terry Cafe Teatro.

Another strategy implemented in the city of Cienfuegos is related to the entry of people from other provinces in order to acquire basic necessities. Based on border controls, which reinforce the security of the province, “no person from another territory buys in Cienfuegos”, mainly from provinces such as Havana, Villa Clara or Matanzas, the latter with this tendency.

In the case of those who reside in Cienfuegos and have not made their change of address, they will have a document from the CDM that endorses this condition. The purpose of this is to access the Caribe Stores, owned by the CIMEX Corporation and Caracol, where it is necessary to carry an identity card.

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