Cienfuegos Book Fair 2018 will be devoted to Luis Gomez

Cienfuegos Book Fair 2018 devoted to Luis Gomez

Cienfuegos Book Fair 2018 devoted to Luis Gomez

(RCM Redaction/ By Ramón Barreras Ferrán)

During the Cienfuegos Book Fair 2018, there will be paid homage to Luis Gómez (Cumanayagua, January 22, 1918-Cienfuegos, May 26, 2001), the Rey de la Tonada Carvajal, distinguished poet and cultist of the improvised Cuban décima (a type of poetic form with roots in Spanish literature), with reason for the centenary of his birth.

Alberto Vega Falcón (Veguita) will be at the head of the tribute; also poet, narrator, journalist and humorist, member of the Union de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC by its Spanish acronym).

Vega Falcón explained to the Trabajadores newspaper that the fair´s professional program will run from Tuesday 6 to Saturday 10, and it includes a panel on the décima, at the Provincial Museum; four days of Cuban guateques (Cuban peasant festivity with song and dancing, strongly marked by the décima and sang poetic compositions)  in the central Boulevard (in front of the Art Gallery), and the meeting ¨Entre el libro y el Punto Cubano¨(¨Between the book and the Cuban Punto), on the occasion  of the Cuban Punto declaration as Intangible Heritage of Humanity, by Unesco. In all these scenarios there will be remembered the life and work of Luis Gómez.

A second presentation of the book Redondillas cubanas, by Vega Falcón, is also planned, as it was already presented for the first time at La Cabaña fairground, as part of the Literature Festival in  Havana.

When referring to Luis Gomez tribute, Veguita pointed out that Gomez not only deserved this homage for the greatness of his artistic work, but also because of his humbleness and simplicity. ¨It is an act of justice with one of the emblematic figures of the décima.¨ You cannot write the story of the Cuban Point without considering his work.

Besides a great poet and improviser, he was an excellent storyteller. His inventions were so well conceived that he even believed them, “Vega Falcón ended.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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