38th edition of FITCuba will take place at Cayo Santa Maria

FIT Cuba 2018

FIT Cuba 2018


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 The celebration of the International Tourism Fair, FITCuba 2018, in Cayo Santa Maria (central Cuban province of Villa Clara), will become a relaunching of that tourist destination to boost its commercialization, authorities of the sector said.
The Cuban Ministry of Tourism posted on its Facebook account today the interest in turning Villa Clara into a tourist bridge.

Cayo Santa Maria island

Cayo Santa Maria island

About seven important hotels will be implemented in the municipality of Santa Clara, provincial capital, Sagua la Grande due to its natural beauty, rich culture and history, as well as Camajuaní, Remedios and Caibarién, municipalities that give way to the keys of the northern Cuban area.

Other important investments to be undertaken are the expansion of the emblematic Los Caneyes Hotel and La Granjita Hotel, in Santa Clara, and the rescue of heritage buildings due to their ideal and attractive characteristics to turn them into accommodation places, the note said.
The 38th edition of FITCuba will take place on May 2-6, dedicated this time to promote the sun and beach modality and the United Kingdom as a guest country.
FITCuba 2018 to be held at Cayo Santa Maria

FITCuba 2018 to be held at Cayo Santa Maria

The Fair is considered the major event of the Leisure Industry in the Caribbean island, which has achieved to position the country in the world as a tourist destination.

The Sercotel Experience Cayo Santa Maria Hotel, recently opened, will be the venue of FITCuba 2018.
Cayo Santa Maria is an island of 21.4 square kilometers (about 63.8 percent constitutes land and the remaining marshes and submerged lands occupied by mangrove forests).
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